Free electronic Reading, or "Freading"!

Download some free eBooks for your new eReader.


freadingHCH Library is pleased to offer downloadable eBooks to Clinton cardholders at the Freading website .

How do I use Freading?

1) Create a free account

2.) Download Adobe Digital Editions
or Download the Freading App for smartphones/ipads, iphones, iPod touch.

If you need more information on how to download Adobe Digital Editions to your PC, watch this instructional video:
Downloading Adobe Digital Editions to your PC.

Watch Video Download the Freading App to your Apple device, android phone

PRINT Adobe Digital Editions Installation instructions to download Adobe Digital Editions to your PC, Nook, Sony Reader, or Kobo.
PRINT Freading App installation instructions to download the Freading App to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or smartphone.

PRINT Freading App Installation instructions for your Kindle Fire.

3.) After you have downloaded the App or Adobe Digital Editions, log into the
HCH Library Freading Website
to download your eBooks instantly.

Watch this video tutorial created by the Westport Public Library on How to Use Freading to download e-books.

Devices compatible with Freading include:

Freading applications are available to download in the Apple’s App store and the Android marketplace. Instructions for Mac OS 10.4 - 10.7.

Please visit the FreadingFAQ page if you experience any problems, or contact us. Thousands of titles in all genres are available through Freading, and new titles are added each week, but please bear in mind that many publishers do not offer e-book lending to libraries at this point.

There are many free e-books available online from sources other than Freading. Go here for a list of these sources, or check with our reference librarians.

Helpful Tips to Get You Started With Freading

Every Monday morning, you are given 5 download tokens. Each e-book download uses between 1 and 4 tokens, depending on demand for the book. Unused tokens rollover to the next week, but all tokens reset to 5 again every four weeks.

Freading e-books check out for 2 weeks, at which point they can be renewed for another two weeks using additional tokens.